I can’t thank you enough! Your cartoon provided a funny reminder that we could see every day! Before then, my husband and I were stuck on the same argument for years with no end in sight. Romance cartoons broke the ice!

I’ve spent thousands on marriage counselling sessions to no avail. Your drawings were the catalyst that got us to develop some empathy towards each other!

love your Circular Argument cartoon! For years I’ve been trying to tell my girlfriend the same thing but she’d never understood me. One look at your cartoon was all it took.

My husband would deflect all discussions every time I tried to talk about our problems. He would instantly ‘turn his hearing off’. However, he couldn’t turn his seeing off. He couldn’t help but to see the visual message. Your cartoons made a world of difference!

Your cartoons helped us to be able to laugh at our problems. The light hearted humour took the tension out of the air. Now we can talk about things.

Me and my girlfriend couldn’t explain our complaints to each other because we couldn’t put them into words. This repressed anger only made us seethe with a building resentment that was like a pressure cooker. Your infographics made it so now we can communicate.

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