About Me

Donald is a cartoonist that explains human behaviour through cartoons. People can absorb the message in a drawing quickly. This is particularly important with psychology. Many times an uncomfortable truth needs to be faced in order to move forward. When the message is in the form of a cartoon they get the information before they can decide whether or not it’s too confronting. The bitter pill isn’t even recognised until AFTER the message is understood.

The human brain can absorb pictures faster and retain them better than the spoken word. Images are easier to remember. The cliche comes to mind, “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember.” Remembering is even more important in this case. Tips on how to deal with stressors are easily forgotten when tense. It’s ironic because this is the time when they’re needed the most! The ability to recall a coping strategy can make a world of difference!

My drawings have the ability to give a person a sudden realization or a new comprehension to a dilemma. People often have an ‘aha’ moment. I became interested in explaining through cartoons when I worked as a telephone counselor on a crises hotline. I met a lot of people in need. I felt very limited and knew there that must be a better way to get the message across. I have been drawing these concepts ever since.

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