A picture is worth 1,000 words

A person can absorb the message so quickly that they can ‘get it’ faster than they can recognise an uncomfortable truth or ‘turn their mind off’.

Communication is essential for a healthy relationship. Tunnel vision often takes over and clouds over our ability to see the other side. The conflict can escalate into a mind-block that resembles ww1 trench warfare! No-mans-land becomes our inability to consider that, “Perhaps they have a point”? Tension can become so intense that something is needed to break the ice.

Introducing Romance Cartoons. My drawings can be the perfect ice breaker. They’re a comical look into common challenges. These cartoons promote empathy. It’s a glimpse into how the other person can have an opinion that’s just as strong as our own. Not only can they show us the other person’s viewpoint, but they also show that person that we can see some of their perspectives. This lighthearted delivery will take the tension out of the deadlock. Considering another person’s point of view can be the same as venturing into no-mans-land. My drawings will make it less scary.

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